If you have felt like there is a stronger, more confident version of you hiding inside, then you are not alone.

Most women feel like they are hiding the best parts of themselves for fear of what others might think or say. The truth is that you cannot be the best you or give the best of yourself if you are not living your best life, full of confidence. In the Guided Study of the book, You Are A Badass, Lou helps you to dig deep into the riches of the pages that were written to revolutionize one's life. The author, Jen Sincero wrote the book in 5 parts. Lou will take you through all five parts of the book. This course includes a video message from Lou, along with multiple questions and exercises to help you gain more from this book than just simply reading it. This mini-course is a great way to receive support and to dive into the book so that you can become the BIGGEST BADASS you can!

Only $20 USD